All Star Batman #1 Review


All Star Batman is off to a strong start. As sad as I was to see Scott Snyder leave the core Batman storyline, I’m incredibly excited to see him back in Action with All Star Batman. He’s started off the series with a fast-paced storyline that dives into Two Face as a character and the relationship he has with Batman and the power he has over Gotham. He also dives into the duality of Harvey Dent and Two Face, which isn’t something that’s been covered well in recent memory.

There’s also a TON of talent in the creative team,— with the first few issues being lead by the one and only John Romita Jr. and plans to bring in Sean Murphy down the road. As much as I LOVE JR Jr.’s work, I am REALLY excited to see Murphy team up with a Snyder powered story. I mean… just look at what he can do! (pic below)

The only complaint I had about All Star Batman #1 is that it goes so fast that you almost need to read it a second or third time to really appreciate all of the details. That’s not always a bad thing but, it’s the only think keeping me from giving it a “5”. There are some comics where the combination of writing, art, panel layout, character development, and story progression all fall together with a perfect pace, and this one is *almost* there.

Overall it’s a great comic for hard core or casual Batman fans. if someone asked me where to start on comics or Batman right now I’d definitely put this story arc towards the top of the list.














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